The IT Revolution

At the onset of computer and information ages, technological advancement had literally encompassed the business world and almost all aspects and facets of the biggest market industries throughout the world. It had inevitably changed the landscape of a sleeping town to a contemporary metropolis and the lifestyle of many generations. One of the biggest factors that attributed to the remarkable improvement of most businesses today is the strong information technology foundation.
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The rise of information technology brought a significant growth to the global economy. It had controlled almost many of industries if not all of them from a small scale enterprise to complex markets. From personal gadgets, transportation to state infrastructure and nuclear weaponries, everything is controlled by IT equipment and procedures. The complex way of life had been made easy with even the sophistication of vast systems and networks that built the world of business technology.

Most large and successful industries are powered and driven by IT resources from all their it_equipment_uaeoperations to inter communication facilities. So far, IT as the mode and channel of universal language remains the biggest industry in the global market. Agreeable data had shown that almost all of world’s businesses and transactions are governed by supercomputers, electronic machines and state-of-the-art telecommunication networks.

BPO companies, banking institutions, import & export services, remittance centers, media outfits & news bureaus, broadcasting & communication networks, intelligence operations and transportation facilities are among the top markets across the globe that uses IT in most of its activities apart from all its command resources and channeling facilities.

25mba4IT industry had geared towards a global revolution of making things smooth, quick, reliable and easy. Nevertheless, it had not failed the world; rather, it had helped immensely in the bulk of nation-building to the next level. The continuous development of IT if used in its optimum potential is seen to boost millions of dollars.

Tourism, recreation and entertainment advancement has also intensified with the help of IT equipment as it facilitated the promotion and marketing of top travel destinations, world’s biggest sporting events, prime accommodations & service providers and local music, filmmaking, digital photography and the arts.

IT revolution had also changed the communication industries from the usual snail mail and telegramRevolution_Logo services to email messaging, SMS and the proliferation of social media and from transistor radios and analog devices to live streaming and high-definition appliances. The advent of social media allows people of different time zones and earth coordinates to interact with ease at an instant speed without necessarily the norms of physical contact.

Who would have thought that a simple mining town or war-torn country would emerge as top players in the respective market industries at present? Brought by IT, progress and development had initiated and crafted radical change of perspective where citizens and businesses both enjoy.ValueNotes-March-2014-2

Apparently, IT may have its own downsides mostly brought by insatiable greed but it can be intercepted, resolved and improved by IT also. IT had proved its capability to build and rebuild nations as well as it had proven also to change and destroy societies if not used wisely and conscientiously.
After all, IT will continuously dominate the business world as it progresses into the next millennium. The battle is within and the choice is ours.

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  1. Andre says:

    Bring on the future I say. I fear nothing!

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